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i'm caryn and i fancy myself a writer but i think we both know that's not going to happen/ sometimes i make stuff. here's a little about me.

Burnt out country singer Adam Proctor (Hiddleston) takes to the road in a beat up campervan to tour the United States for one final time. After years of little-to-no success with his music career, he has chosen to put a stop to his dreams and pursue a more realistic career choice.

Somwhere along the way, as he travels through the southern states of the country playing to less than forty people a night, Adam adopts his very first roadie: Jack Allan (Johnson), 19-year-old aspiring musician and hithchiker, making his way to Los Angeles to find his fortunes.

Jack learns from Adam in their journey, all about the true hardships and let downs of musicianship; all about the rejection he’ll experience and the failed albums he’ll release. Unaffected, Jack continues to write his songs and often performs right before Adam does on some nights.

The night before they arrive in Los Angeles the two men perform a gig in the bowels of California to less than twenty people, one of whom is an executive record producer for one of America’s largest record companies: Lisa Watts (Mara).

When Adam realise just who was in the audience, slowly he begins to feel his luck changing when he sees her head bopping to the songs he’d written.

here i am, on the road again
there i am, up on the stage
here i go, playing the star again
there i go, turn the page

turn the page - bob seger

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