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i'm caryn and i fancy myself a writer but i think we both know that's not going to happen/ sometimes i make stuff. here's a little about me.

Ex-army officer and aspiring novelist Jack Whiting lives alone in a ramshackled house in the outskirts of New Orleans. His wife left him four years ago, taking their then-two-year old daughter Olivia with her. He spends most days with the typewriter in front of him, willing inspiration to strike him where he sits.

When Jack is taken into hospital after a car accident he claims to have caused after forgetting what lane he should be driving in, he is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. At only 35 he is one of the youngest known Americans to suffer from the disease.

Jack chooses to then keep a journal of his life from that day forth as he battles with the condition, to document his every memory.

Dr. Meredith McCane oversees Jack’s progression and soon becomes his biggest supporter. When Jack passes away, the journal passes on to Meredith who reads it before bed every night, learning about the alcoholic father whose experiences in war haunt his every dream; whose daughter is in his every thought; whose house was near being repossessed and whose case of Alzheimer’s was the shortest and cruelest Meredith had ever come across.

you can see that this broken soul is bleeding
so you concede your feelings
inside yourself
and wander through my heart

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