i'm caryn and i fancy myself a writer but i think we both know that's not going to happen/ sometimes i make stuff. here's a little about me.

Shoemaker Hansel Heydrich (Depp) was seized from his shop in Berlin by Nazi Guards and taken to Auschwitz in 1940.

Heydrich spent his time in the camp following his orders and working to the best of his ability, and fixing shoes for the other slaves. Heydrich believed fully that his obedience would be repaid with freedom, and the opportunity to reuite with his boyfriend, gerhard (Tucker). Two years into his imprisonment, Heydrich begins to realise how futile his hopes were. When he falls to his knees, exhausted with beginnings of Typhus, an Aufsehrin ignores the male guards orders and picks him up and takes him to the infirmary.

Irma Becker (Yeoh) makes a promise to Heydrich; that he’d be free of this place by the end of the month. Reluctantly Heydrich allows Becker to help him, curious of her motives.

Escaping the camp proved to be more difficult than Becker herself had anticipated, and the pair soon find themselves lying and tricking the highest of Nazi officials for love.

should i offer up my hand
and save a wish for once
for all of us

lost in the crowd - shinedown

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